Re-imagining SECIA

What matters most to you in our neighborhood? What would drive you to get involved? We invite anyone who is interested to join us in imagining a new future for SECIA. Help us in this process by filling out this survey. 
Join the Reimagining SECIA & Racial Equity Work Group to continue to develop and implement a plan for broad-based, multi-modal, systematic community engagement and community organizing strategies to:

  • Develop SECIA’s racial equity action planning for Neighborhoods 2020.
  • Identify path for continued base-building in underrepresented communities in SE Como;
  • Identify priority issues and co-created solutions to respond to the most urgent needs and inequities in our neighborhood and inform SECIA’s updated action plan, financial decision-making and organizational future.

Interested in joining or want to learn more? Contact or

Equitable Engagement

We have emerging projects centered on reimagining and racial equity work. Together, we can make SE Como a safe and welcoming neighborhood for everyone. For updates and ways to get involved, visit our Equitable Engagement page.

Phase I Equitable Engagement Neighborhood Priority Plan Modification

The SECIA Board approved modified Neighborhood Priority Plan (NPP) at our February 9, 2021 Board meeting. Click here to view the approved proposal.