Our Executive Committee consists of all of the SECIA officers and meets on the last Tuesday of every month to manage SECIA and plan monthly board meetings.


  • Chair – Karl Smith
  • Vice President – Jim Nyberg
  • Treasurer – Wendy Menken
  • Secretary – Ben Brummel
  • Cody Hoerning
  • Steve Peterson


Mission: to improve housing and livability conditions, and to maintain and increase the number of homeowners and long term tenants in the Como Neighborhood

Committee Chair: Katie Fournier,

The Livability Committee meets at 7:00 pm, the 3rd Tuesday of every month at Van Cleve Park (901 15th Avenue SE). For more information about our Housing Programs, click here


The Environment Committee has a long history of leading edge community projects such as the air pollution prevention project, Move In Move Out (our neighborhood recycling project), Solar pilot project, rain barrel building, rain gardens, community gardens, TCE advocacy and urban forestry. The committee usually meets the 4th Tuesday of every month, but the schedule sometimes changes. The SECIA calendar has the most updated info.

Chair: Calder Hibbard,

Community Building

The committee seeks to build a more inclusive community and nurture mutually beneficial relationships among the members of the Southeast Como Neighborhood.

Chair: Jim Nyberg,

The Community Building Committee meets at 6:30 p.m. on the third Tuesday of the month at Van Cleve Park (901 15th Avenue SE.)


Our Safety Committee meets on an ad-hoc basis, but our residents can participate in a monthly meeting through the Second Precinct Advisory Council (2PAC)

Second Precinct Advisory Council

Contact: Emilie Quast,


Our Zoning Committee meets on an ad-hoc basis when zoning changes or development proposals arise in our neighborhood.

Chair: Joan Menken,

University District Alliance

The SE Como Improvement Association is a member of the University District Alliance, an alliance of the four neighborhoods adjacent to the UofM’s Minneapolis campus, the University itself, and the City of Minneapolis (as authorized by the Legislature), as well as several othr community institutions and organizations.  Como’s representatives to the UDA board are

  • Katie Fournier
  • Alex Farrell