Tuttle Talk: The Future of Tuttle School


The Tuttle School building at 18th & Talmage Ave SE was built in 1911 and has gone through transformations throughout its history. As of Summer 2021, it is no longer needed as a public school building. Minneapolis Public Schools has invited the Southeast Como community to share your ideas and dreams of what can become of the property.

We first want to get everyone’s input and ideas for this planning process. We started with a brainstorming session in February, then kicked off our idea generating back in May at Tuttle Talk forum; we developed an initial survey based on ideas from that forum. We then got survey input during the Bike Fest in late May, updated the initial survey, and then got more inputs from both attendees at the Pollinator Party in June and those who voted online. These results were then used to develop the simple “love it” chart at the Oct 3 Como Cookout. Those top and medium results are tabulated here:

  • Click here to view the Tuttle Site Idea Ranking
  • Click here to view the Parking Lot Site Ranking
  • Note that the ideas are not exclusive. We should be able to incorporate many of them in the same property. So no we are starting to use these ideas to put together a design list for potential developers. And we are trying to find out where MSP is their process of divesting their surplus property. And we are continuing to add to out list of potential developers. If you have inputs for us in those areas, please contact kathy@secomo.org.

Latest updates: Tuttle Community School Added to MPS Surplus Properties List, SECIA Weighs In

On Tuesday, May 10, the Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) School Board voted to move Tuttle School, along with two others, to the MPS Surplus Property List, thereby making them available for purchase or lease. But no, this does not mean a free-for-all bidding war will begin. MPS has specific requirements and processes for selling or leasing a building. Reference MPS Regulation 3270A: Disposition of Surplus Property. The regulation has specific requirements for who can apply and what they can do with the property. Those requirements include proof of community support and proof of support from our school district’s director or at least one at-large school board director. In other words, we are not out of the game.

SECIA and the Future of Tuttle Ad Hoc Committee sent a letter supporting this move to the MPS School Board, MPS Operations, and Mpls Ward 1 Council Member Elliott Payne and Ward 2 Council Member Robin Wonsley Worlobah. In addition, the letter described what we have been doing to determine what the neighborhood wants to see happen to the sites (it’s not just about the school building, there is the old teacher’s parking lot too).

Our neighborhood polling plus the committee’s alignment of our wants with MPS’ requirements resulted with these recommendations:

  • Tuttle site
    • Affordable housing for various groups of people
    • Community center
    • Mixed use facility
    • Amenities that include:
      • Community and resident use of gym, theater, and library/media center
      • Community and resident use of playground, green space, gardens
      • Improved energy efficiencies, including adding solar
  • Parking lot site
    • Affordable housing
    • Small shops on ground floor
    • Food venue with healthy foods
    • Green space with rain & pollinator gardens
    • Energy efficiencies including solar

Although the committee has not yet determined if there is a specific developer we would like to try to work with, we do have criteria we want to see in any developer for this property. We provided this criteria list in the letter:

  • SE Como wants a developer that cares about what the community wants and is willing to work with us
  • Has a solid track record in redeveloping historical buildings
  • Has a solid track record in developing affordable housing
  • Has a solid track record in managing affordable housing
  • Has a solid track record in building sustainably, using sustainable materials and practices
  • Is able to qualify for the loans and grants that will be required to undertake the renovation of Tuttle and the building of a new sustainable building on Como Avenue
  • Has a commitment to the community
  • Uses equitable employment and subcontracting practices

And we made it clear that we want the Tuttle Community School building to stay, be updated for its new functions, and be shared with the community.

If you have questions or want to get involved with the Future of Tuttle Ad Hoc Committee, in the next stages of this project, please contact kathy@secomo.org

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