Want to be a real Snow Angel?!

Southeast Seniors has two neighborhood seniors still in need of snow removal help this winter. One is near Tuttle School (between E Hennepin and Como on 18th Ave) and the other on the 1000 block of 26th Ave. We are hoping to find nearby neighbors to help them out! Both are small-ish jobs, and we can provide a shovel if needed! Thanks for considering this opportunity. In exchange you would get: fresh air, good exercise, volunteer hours, and the great feeling of making a difference!

To learn more, please reach out to Southeast Seniors at 612-331-2302 or [email protected]

** To request this information in another language or format, please contact [email protected].  * Para solicitar esta información en otro idioma o en un formato diferente, por favor contacta [email protected].  * Xav thov nug nplooj ntawv no rau lwm hom lus los yog daim ntawv, thov hu rau [email protected].  * Si aad u codsato foomkan oo qaab ama luqad kale ah, fadlan la xiriir [email protected]

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