Como Cookout & SECIA Annual Meeting 2022

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Click here for the 2022 Annual Meeting presentation, or watch these videos below to see the recording of the presentation from the Cookout:

Thank You to everyone that participated in our Annual Meeting & Elections, and the 9 SECIA members that ran for positions on the SECIA Board.

The voting period for the 2022 SECIA Board election has now closed! The new board members will officially start their terms on November 9th, following the conclusion of the next Board Meeting!

Here are the SECIA’s 8 New Board Members:

Mulki Hussein, SE Como tenant resident

“I live in this community and care about what happens here. I have served on community organization boards before, but this would be the first time I would serve on a neighborhood board. This is important because I would not just be representing myself here, but also others in my community, including mothers with children who may not speak the language, who also need to be connected and represented in the neighborhood. I know many mothers in this community worry about their children growing up in a safe place. By serving on the SE Como neighborhood board, I will be able to help represent members of my community by being active in the place where we are and knowing what to do and how to be part of the process if there is a problem.”


George Masson (He/him/his)
UMN graduate student and SE Como tenant resident

“I chose to run for a position on SECIA’s Board of Directors to seek out and amplify our community’s reciprocity with nature for the purpose of ensuring future generation’s ability to experience our community’s beauty. As a graduate student of Science, Technology and Environmental Policy (MS-STEP), and a former employee of the City of Duluth’s Office of Sustainability, I believe I can offer to the Como neighborhood my expertise in the fields of sustainability, conservation biology, green infrastructure, and climate change planning. My partner, Abby, and I have spent considerable time volunteering with SECIA’s various gardening events, and are so proud to have made connections with many of Como’s residents.”


Kelly Rogers (She/Her)
UMN undergrad student and SE Como tenant resident:

“Local government is a passion of mine and I’m not sure how much more ‘local’ you can get than your own neighborhood.  To me, serving on the board of directors means helping to take the best care of my neighbors that I possibly can. I am especially passionate about land use planning and look forward to joining the conversation about the future of Tuttle School. Landmark structures like Tuttle become the fabric that we weave our lives around as members of the community and it is important to treat its next iteration as such.  Unfortunately for my wallet, I frequent the folks on the 1500 block of Como Avenue on an almost daily basis (shoutout to Thai Cuisine XPress). As a new transplant, I look forward to exploring all of the wonderful groups that make this neighborhood great. Being an Urban Studies major at the U, there is nothing I love more than community. Its what sparked my love of planning and what continues to drive my interest in joining SECIA.”


Ryan Lecy, SE Como resident

Hi! My name is Ryan Lecy. I am a UofM graduate with a degree in Political Science and
Communications. I have been living in Southeast Como for almost 4 years and I absolutely love the neighborhood. You can often see me walking around with my two dogs, Poppy and Natti. I would want to serve on the SECIA Board because I care about the people and community. I would love to see the continuation of the many programs offered by SECIA as well as help support and grow new initiatives.


Kalthum Ali, SE Como Tenant Resident

Hi, my name is Kalthum Ali. I have lived here since 2008 when my children were younger. We had good time living here, and therefore that’s why I like to work for the next children who are growing up in the neighborhood now


Jasmine Curtis, UMN undergraduate student and SE Como Tenant Resident

I am interested in joining SECIA because I have spent the last 3 years at the University of Minnesota building relationships with students and staff that live in the Como area. As a student parent, I am not able to have the luxury of living on campus not do I have access to campus campus based resources all the time. My goal is to identify community based resources, education residents about those resources so that they are accessible. I also want to address food insecurity, restorative justice and transformative justice, and lastly community engage/networking. I am affiliated with the Office for Diversity and Inclusion, MANRRS, CFANS student Board, and Office Campus Living at the University of Minnesota.


Larry Crawford, SE Como homeowner

I would like to again participate in the association board to help shape the future of the Como neighborhood. I came to Como as a student renter, and with Claudia Crawford became a homeowner and raised a family here. I’ve been active in Como housing, area planning, neighborhood history and preservation projects with neighbors. Pride in our Como neighborhood should be our starting point to bring people together for community action. Next, with so many global and national concerns around us, our proper course is to focus on Como neighborhood specific issues that we can address effectively. We need to be wise in selecting and directing our efforts, so we achieve practical outcomes that make a valuable, long term difference for Como residents and community life here. For success, let’s design our work so Como neighbors feel welcome as they join in timely, relevant, positive, and most key, effective community action to work with the city and achieve good new outcomes here in Como.


Dan Beard, SE Como tenant resident

I’ve been a Minneapolis resident since 2004. I’m an avid biker, artist, and former teacher. I was very involved in when I lived in the Powderhorn neighborhood in south Minneapolis for over a decade. I miss that area quite a bit, however am SO happy to call Como SE home for the past three years. We are often all over the neighborhood on our bikes, with our dog Monty, or in our canoe on the river. I would hope to bring a focus on diversity, arts, kids, and widening the circle of community.


New SECIA Board Vacancy-

Call for applicants 

Due to a recent Board resignation, SECIA has a new one-year vacancy to fill on the Board of Directors. Following the process to fill Board vacancies as outlined in the SECIA Bylaws, Sec. V (J), we are accepting new applications from any interested and eligible SECIA member, now through Tuesday, December 13th, the date of the December SECIA Board Meeting. At that meeting, applicants can introduce themselves, and the existing SECIA Board members will elect a new Director to fulfill the one-year remainder of the term for the vacated seat, beginning December 2022 through December 2023. To run for the vacant seat in the special election, please complete this brief SECIA board candidate registration form anytime before the December SECIA Board meeting, or declare your candidacy during the meeting. You can also contact [email protected] or 612-685-0371 to ask questions or request/provide information in another language or format.

THANK YOU for coming out to the Como Cookout + Annual Meeting on Saturday, Oct. 8th!     

What a wonderful day in SE Como neighborhood it was! Thank you to our partners, co-sponsors, community volunteers and talented local artists who helped create such a great community event.

Thank You To our Como Cookout Live Music Lineup

Zehra (@hibuhassan) is a local singer-songwriter and guitarist

KMove (@kmove_official)  is an all inclusive K-Pop dance team based in the Twin Cities

Kelvino (@childishkelvino)

Brazil Arts Twin Cities is a collaborative group of artists & performers who celebrate Brazilian music.

eNDiO (@dio.mpls) is an alternative hip-hop/R&B artist and visual creator from Minneapolis

Green Line Quintet is a jazz combo made up of University of Minnesota students

To request this information in another language or format, please contact [email protected].  ** Para solicitar esta información en otra idioma o en un formato diferente, por favor contacta [email protected]. **  Xav thov nug nplooj ntawv no rau lwm hom lus los yog daim ntawv, thov hu rau [email protected]. ** Si aad u codsato foomkan oo qaab ama luqad kale ah, fadlan la xiriir [email protected].